The Reason for the Benefit

Why is it important to keep places like White Horse Black Mountain alive and well?

White Horse Black Mountain makes a difference in the lives of people.

The venue has been a huge asset for the people of Black Mountain and the surrounding areas of Western North Carolina. The venue has been praised by musicians, audience members, and members of the community for it's quality peformances and it's warm and welcoming spirit.

But it goes beyond that. White Horse Black Mountain has demonstrated that it truly cares about people and desires to make a difference in the lives of people; locally, regionally, and around the world.

During early March, White Horse Black Mountain held it's 2nd Help Haiti Heal Benefit event. Asheville resident and friend of White Horse, Lorin Mallorie, was in Haiti at the time and helped arrange and remote Skype broadcast of Haitian musicians who once again had a stage to share their lives and music with the world. Their performance was shown live on the huge screen at White Horse and White Horse arranged to have the performance webcast live ..... so that anyone in the world could see and hear the voices and music of Haiti.

Lorin Mallorie describes the impact of that event as follows:

On Saturday evening we stage a "live" concert via satellite call to White Horse Black Mountain, which is hosting a Haiti benefit. James Vergenau (aka Rebel) of the Haitian reggae band Yizra'el sings an original tune called "Mother Nature"; Jagat accompanies him on the hand drums. The smaller venues here are still closed for reconstruction, and it's Rebel's first performance since the quake two months ago.

They tell me the White Horse audience was in tears. But what stays with me from that night in Kenscoff is the look in Rebel's eyes, alive and inspired to once again be playing the music he loves — this time for a little town in far off America.

The Schedule of Performers


7:00 Welcome - Don Talley
7:10 Bob Hinkle
7:30 Richard Shulman
8:00 Appalachia Song
8:30 Peggy Ratusz
9:00 Doug and Darcy Orr
9:30 Billy Cardine and Jay Sanders
10:00 Ashley Chambliss
10:30 Malcolm Holcombe
11:00 Parker Brooks
11:20 Ken Kiser, Scott Tyler, Matt Kinne
12 pm Chalwa 


2:00 Welcome - Don Talley
2:10 Bob Hinkle
2:30 Marina Raye
3:00 David Holt
3:30 Chris Rosser
3:45 Twilite Broadcasters
4:15 John Vorus
4:30pm WhiteWater Bluegrass Company
5:00 Kim Hughes
5:30 Jim Arendell
6:00 Ol Hoopty

(Schedule for each day is subject to change)